Course types:

  • French courses: general courses, exam and test preparation for secondary school students, specific courses with a focus on culture, business French courses

General English courses

Have you been learning English for years but still feel hindered in your communication? Do you have a basic understanding of the English grammar but have no occasion to interact in English?

The general course will provide you with engaging, interactive lessons and will offer you a wide variety of resources, including the latest course books as well as online study platforms to deliver a consistent and structured learning experience.

This type of course will prepare you to gain fluency and more importantly confidence to be able to communicate with ease when it comes to real-life situations.

Business English course

Business English is aimed at students who would like to add a more specific focus to their language learning. If you are in business, this course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in a wide range of business situations. If you are a student of business, the course will develop the communication skills you need to be able to succeed in a professional environment and will broaden your knowledge of the business world and of cultural awareness.

During the course, you are offered a variety of business-related discussion topics, you will work on authentic articles from business magazines as well as listen to interviews with business people. You will also develop essential business communications skills (giving presentations, taking part in meetings, negotiating, networking, etc). You will work on case studies linked to various business situations, which will enable you to become more accurate in your use of business English.

Exam and test preparation courses for secondary students

Are you struggling with school English? Do you lag behind your school mates and feel the urge to receive one-to-one attention?

If you opt for this course, you will be guided through useful strategies to prepare for mid-term tests and standardized exams, particularly First Certificate English (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE).

exam preparation courses

Would you like to study abroad or simply take on Master studies in English? You then most probably are required to take an internationally accepted exam format (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE).

During this course, you will be guided through useful strategies to prepare for one of these exams that have a specific format with in-depth instructions and a complex scoring system. To achieve a high score, it is vital not only to have a good command of the language but also to understand the structure of the exam. During this type of course, you will be taught various techniques and strategies to apply to ensure the successful outcome of your exam and you will be offered practice exams and mock tests with guided exam practice. Nevertheless, self-study is also an essential element in order to master the skills to score high in the exam.

theme courses for young teenagers

Do you happen to be an avid reader? Are you fond of the series of Harry Potter, Donald Duck or by any chance The Famous Five?

Theme courses are specifically designed for young teenagers (with a minimum level of A2) willing to learn in small groups of 2-4 and they will be provided with a variety of texts, discussion topics, vocabulary practice, quizzes, project work and a fun way of learning. The syllabus is flexible and adjustable based on students` interests and level.

Specialized courses (short-term)

Are you preparing for a job interview or a presentation at work and feeling stuck and no idea how to get started? In that case this specialized course is designed for you. Step-by-step, I guide you through various interview situations, questions, potential answers and most importantly, gain confidence and make you dare.

Academic writing

Do you often write papers and essays in an academic context and you have trouble to express yourself in a formal tone and style?

Each subject discipline has certain writing conventions, vocabulary and types of discourse you need to get acquainted with in order to convey a clear, concise message.

During this course you will be guided through the general characteristics of academic writing relevant to your discipline, the structure and appropriate language to apply in your writing.

French general courses with a focus on conversation

Are you interested in learning French, an official language of several global institutions?

During this course the practical aspect of the language will be taught in an interactive way to facilitate every day communication during your French language immersion.

exam and test preparation for secondary school students

Would you like to complement your school French? Do you need help to prepare for mid/end-term exams or exam of DELF? Then this course is designed for you. Based on your needs and level, together we select the right material for you and I guarantee you will share the love for the French language as much as I do.

specific courses with a focus on culture

Are you keen to learn about the French culture? Would you like to enrich your knowledge of French culinary art, cinema, literature, history or music?

This type of course will provide you with versatile materials, lively and relevant discussions and an interactive and memorable language learning experience.

business French

Do you interact with French-speaking colleagues or clients at work but feel hindered in your business communication? Would you like to build rapport and sound more professional when conducting business?

This course focuses on business-specific goals: writing reports, facilitating meetings, negotiating and leading telephone conversations, etc. This business course will help you gain fluency and accuracy in your professional context.