Student testimonials

`When I arrived to the Netherlands, my English was not good, I couldn`t speak fluent. I contacted Zsofia and quickly we had a schedule for the classes. In my case, I was refreshing the grammar and improving the oral part. She gave all the material I needed, and also extra material like links where you can find videos and other useful tools. I strongly recommend Language Corner Delft, I felt really comfortable during the classes and I learned a lot.`


`I`m one of the students who learn English in the English courses of Sofia. She is a cheerful person who teaching with love and knows how she can learn her profession with the best way of educating methods. I wish her a lot of success in her career in the future and I hope that I can get more courses with her.`


`When I moved to the Netherlands from Japan, I couldn’t speak English. When my son started to go to a kindergarten, I took Zsofia’s private class. At first, I was embarrassed to speak English correctly and was not good at expressing my opinion. She provides me lessons which follow my personality, lifestyle and cultural background. I never get bored with her class and feel like my English is improving day by day. Furthermore, I really appreciate her flexibility of changing the class because of family matters. I love her class and want to keep on taking her class!`


`I really like Zsofia's French course. Zsofia is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher. She always discusses with the students and tails the course accordingly. The course is very interactive and it fits best if you want to improve your oral skills and practice what you learned in daily life. She always finds interesting exercises after the course, by which way students can maximize their learning. She is very friendly and you will never feel learning a new language a difficult task. On the contrary, you will find it very interesting. You just enjoy her way of teaching. I highly recommend her course to anyone and apprends le français dès aujourd'hui`


`My daughter was 2.5 years when she started having English lessons with Zsofia until she was 4. Until this day, my daughter - who's now 6 years old - speaks English fluently. Zsofia's attitude is amazing - she genuinely takes interest in her students' needs and she prepares accordingly. She is wonderful with her students (I had the chance to meet more) and a pleasure to deal with.`


`My daughter enjoyed her lessons because she was taught in a fun way so that she could understand and try to start communicating in English. Zsofia used to play games with her, read a lot of English books and tell stories to her. I would say her first exposure to English alphabets and many words at that age started with Zsofia. It was such a beautiful experience for my daughter and for us!